How to Use Your Mailbox in a Secure Way

Mailbox is the primary tool for the Google Apps or Office 365 users, and that is why many hackers and other unknown individual target mailbox.

Protecting your personal details can help you reduce the risk of identity theft.  You should follow these four main methods to protect your personal information, including Store and organize all your personal details securely, know to whom you are sharing the information, make sure to secure your social security number, and finally, ask relevant questions before sharing your personal information to any individual or the company.

Check your mails :

Every IT administrator must learn and teach about the email security to the users. If you don’t know from whom you got the email, then don’t react, most people don’t know that the hacker might have sent an email to the individual even though he/she does not know the email address.

virus email

The Mailbox security rule is to never respond to unknown emails or to search emails.

Most importantly, don’t open the provided attachments without checking and scanning. Hackers have the tactics to infect your computer by sending you an attached file that contains the virus.

When you get an email with an attachment, then open only after scanning it. The hackers are filled with destructive knowledge, and they know exactly how to send a malware email, which looks like that you got the email from a known person. Don’t forget to scan the links in your emails before opening them. Also, don’t open any attachments without scanning.

Before you open any attachment or link, place the cursor on it and in leads, there you can find where it asserts to lead.

Follow the steps of this article on computer-tips-and-tricks to check you computer or remove a virus : How to detect and remove a virus from my PC under Windows?

Back Up Your Mailbox:

Sometimes even after following the rules strictly, there is always a chance for a hacker or evil individual to break into your email account. You don’t get a 100 percent guarantee from anyone for your mailbox safety. However, there is a way to assure that you have secure access to your data.

backup email

You can backup your mail through cloud technology; then you can have a reserved copy when you need it urgently.

Even if your mailbox hacked and all the data has removed, you can still get access to your emails, and you can restore them back to your email account.

Encrypt Your Data:

Always keep your browser protected.  Also, it is a best practice to use encryption software to safeguard your online transaction.

security email

This encryption software mix-up information when you send the details through the internet. On the web browser, you can see a ‘lock’ icon, which means all your information will be protected when it is transferred. Check for the lock symbol before you send your financial or personal detail online.

Don’t Overshare on Social Networking Sites:

Many individuals have this habit of posting too much info about their personal life.

email social network

You should stop oversharing on the social network because it is easy for a hacker to use your personal information anywhere he/she wants. It is always better to have limited access to your social networking page and maintain a small group. Also, never publish your complete name, address, social security number, account numbers, and phone number in any publicly reachable sites.

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