This page will help you to solve your facebook login/sign in problem.

Facebook is the second most visited website on worldwide web, fb have more than 1.5 billion users registered. It’s easy to sign up for facebook and use facebook but there are many login issues.

Find help to fix two most common issues faced by users in facebook login page.



Nowadays mobile and computers can remember username and password so people tend to forget their username, name or email used when they need to connect to fb from another device or browser. Most of people uses email, username or mobile number to log in facebook and are not familiar with custom URL.

Find tips here, if you forget username or password of  your facebook account


  1. Try to connect with email address or phone number, facebook offers multiple solutions to connect, if your email and phone number are registered on facebook, it’s possible to connect even if forget one.
  2. If first step does not solve problem, try full name or nickname you normally use. Also  try every  mobile phone number or mail address you’ve owned
  3. You can retrieve your facebook username by asking a friend, your username is your personalized Facebook URL, so ask a friend to go to your fb profile and send you username in URL.


  1. Facebook login password are case-sensitive, first you have to  check that Caps Lock is not activated and Num. Mock is activated before reseting your password.
  2. If your forgot password is saved in browser, it’s possible to recover your existing password without reseting.
    1. On Google Chrome :
      Just go to URL “chrome://settings/passwords” (or go to password management option in advanced settings) click facebook entrie, then clik the “show” button, your password will be revealed (you may be asked to enter your windows password)
    2. On Firefox :
      Click Tools, Options, Security tab,then click on Saved Passwords button (Firefox Saved Passwords dialog)., click facebook entrie, then clik the “Show Passwords” button, forgot password will be revealed
  3. If previous steps does not solve problem
    1.  Clik below the login password entry field on Facebook’s sign-in page ‘Having trouble?’.
      Facebook - Having trouble ?
    2. Enter email, mobile phone number, username or full name as registered in your Facebook account, and press Search.
    3. Facebook will ask the way you want to reset your password:
      Facebook reset password
    4. Facebook will send a mail with a confirmation code, just enter it in security box.
      Facebook security codeAfter entering security code you have to set new password for facebook
      That’s the proper and official way to recover your forgot access and then setting a new password.
      Select a new password easy to remember but strong with alphabet, number and special character.