How to create and retain the best secure password

Choose the most secure password

How should your password be composed so that it is as secure as possible?
If sites require you to add numbers or uppercase letters to your passwords it’s for a good reason.
A solid password is a password that contains at least 12 characters with various characters such as numbers, punctuation, uppercase and lowercase letters.
Do not use your date of birth, your cat name or passwords such as “123456” or “azerty” or “password”.

Never write your password

You must absolutely memorize your password and never write it on a sheet, post-it, in your computer or smartphone. If you can not memorize it, you can write it down but try to find a way to scramble the tracks by encrypting it
Never save or store your passwords on web browsers!
When you memorize your password on a browser, it registers and everyone can access and make appear the characters of it, not just small dots or small stars letting you believe that nobody can visualize its composition .
On Google Chrome it is very easy to display on a page all the passwords that have been registered since the beginning of the use of the browser.

Change your password regularly

Experts advise changing your password every month! Many sites remind you or even force you to change your password. It is very annoying because we feel that it always happens at the wrong time, but it is for your safety.

Retain your password

How to remember a password that does not concern you? Who is not the name of your dog or your date of birth?
And to make it easier for you, sites regularly ask you to change your password!
In order to be easily memorable, your password must consist of pieces of items that concern you. And when you need to set a new password, change only part of the password.
For your accounts to be secure, ideally, you should have a different password for each site. Because if a day when your password is discovered, the hackers will have access to all your accounts.
For a secure and easy to remember password:
1) make a sentence
Experts advise using a “pass phrase” to get a pass word secure and easy to remember. For example you can have the password “IloveChocolate365DaysAYearAndYou? “So you get a password containing digits, upper case letters and a punctuation!
And the day the site asks you to change password you can modify it in “IloveVanilla365DaysAYearAndYou?  ”

2) Dial a secure password with personal data
Use your personal data (which is normally deprecated) but by doing a home encryption:
Date of birth of your mother: 1952
Your mother’s first name: Michelle
Your possible passwords: “M1i9c5h2elle”, “e1l9l5e2hciM”, “M2i5c9h1elle”

Uncheck the Stay logged in

This may seem like a convenience to you, but you should consider unchecking the “Stay connected” option, especially if you are connecting to a computer that is not yours.
To get around the problem of the password: we offer alternative solutions:

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